In anticipation of yesterday’s Big Game, there was one thing on everybody’s mind last week: FOOD. However, since we weren’t having or going to a party I really hadn’t planned anything terribly exciting. After reading some yummy menus on Twitter (@jinscho and @chrislovett, I’m looking at you) and hearing about my dad’s plan to FRY WINGS, I felt a little inadequate. Was I a bad Pittsburgher (and cook) for not making this a Food Event?

Side note: I had made a coffee-marinated pot roast in the morning, but it just didn’t feel special enough. Those meals are always better as leftovers anyway.

So, off to the store I went. I was happy to find that it wasn’t a madhouse and it wasn’t completely ransacked either. It was, however, closing early so the staff could watch the game. Thumbs up for local chains. AJ wasn’t giving me any hints as to what he wanted to eat – my hunch is that he actually wanted the pot roast (oops) – so I decided to make something I’d been craving for a while.


I hesitated for a split second and almost bought a mix for the dough. For shame, people. For shame. I know better than that, and thankfully came to my senses before wasting that 79 cents. I’ve only ever made gluten free pizza dough before if you can believe it, so I was extra thrilled to discover that the hastily Google-chosen recipe turned out really well. Thin. Crispy. Nice flavor, not too chewy. (I followed it exactly for once, and that’s probably why it worked out so well.)

I filled the dough with pizza sauce, soppressata, (turkey) pepperoni, ricotta and mozzarella. Folded them over and brushed with a smidge of oil, Italian spices and some grated parmesan. Delicioso!

Next time, I would use bufalo mozzarella and fresh basil and forget the parmesan cheese. It was a little funny tasting since it was just sitting there on top getting browned, but it might be nice to work some into the dough for a bit more flavor.

Really, the possibilities are endless. I’m thinking Philly cheese steak calzones are next …