We’re still here.

Spring has been an interesting transition period for us. We are both in new jobs – yay! – and trying to get ready for what is already looking to be a busy and exciting summer. Admittedly, I haven’t been cooking much, and while I could blame a number of things, mostly I’ve just been lazy and eating out is fun again.

I do have one small gift for those of you still with us … a new crock pot masterpiece! Chili and beer braised brisket. I found it while browsing the new Giant Eagle iPhone app, and even purchased Corona specifically for this recipe. I followed it as well as I know how to follow anything, so click on over to the original recipe from Eating Well, and cook  up some deliciousness this weekend.

We’ve been eating it for lunch for days now; it’s still amazing and damn tender.

Editor’s note: I’m losing my ever-loving mind. This is not a crock pot recipe, although I presume you could make it into one. “Dutch oven” just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nicely. Oops.