Just Do It

If you like ice cream or dessert or cold things, and don’t want to waste your calories for the week on a scoop from Coldstone, this is about to rock your world.

Step 1: slice two bananas into coins about 1/2 inch thick

Step 2: throw them in a ziplock baggie and freeze for at least two hours

Step 3: put frozen banana slices in a food processor and hit pulse. DO NOT add anything.

Step 4: watch in awe as magic ice cream appears

Step 5: feel healthy and serve yourself a plain scoop


Step 5a: feel saucy and add a tablespoon of nutella and fresh peanut butter to your bowl. Yes, both.


“Super Awesome Muffins”

So Sunday came around again, and with AJ working in the home office and my own work raising my anxiety levels, I needed something to keep me busy. In this scenario I often turn to baking, and this week was no different.

I had some bananas that were crying for attention, and while I would normally go straight to banana bread, I thought that muffins would be easier to share. I randomly googled for a recipe from which to start, and found this.

They. Were. Awesome. Admittedly my last two muffin attempts were kinda lame (and DRY) so I was extra pumped that these were so successful. Go forth and muffin, my friends. You won’t be disappointed.


  • I never use cupcake paper wrapper thingees. They annoy me when I am hungry. Pam spray is my friend.
  • I’m happy I used regular sized muffin tins. I usually send AJ to work with a billion mini muffins for the ultimate shareability, but these deserved to be big and fluffy.
  • To that end, I overfilled the tins a bit – just under the lip of each cup – and that was an excellent choice, if I do say so. They ended up beautifully with a nice round top.
  • Definitely make sure you beat the egg separately before you add it to the wet ingredients. I think it makes a big difference.
  • I added walnuts (crunch!), chocolate chips (yum!) and pumpkin pie spice (secret awesomeness!), and would absolutely not consider making these any other way.

I hope you enjoy!