Every so often, you just want to make a dinner that works. Improv in the kitchen is a fine thing, but tonight I needed the mental break.

Enter, Pioneer Woman. I happen to think she is delightful, but will admit that only some of her recipes tempt me. This one for beef stew with beer and paprika was definitely one. I followed it as written, using AMAZING beef from Wilkerson Farms. Our cooking beer of choice was DogFishHead 60 Minute.

AJ came downstairs because he thought he smelled biscuits (not sure how?) and his sad face when he didn’t see any in the oven was enough to get me back in the kitchen. He went to run some errands for me, and I whipped up some biscuits to go with the stew.


He is usually the dough/bread/biscuit maker in the house, but I think I did just fine on my own. This being my first biscuit experience, I did a quick google for some guidance. Again, I followed this recipe exactly. Super easy, super quick, and super delicious.


The perfect biscuit for sopping up the stew liquid, which, by god, I think I could drink in a glass. Really great flavors in this bowl, you guys.

All around, a highly recommended meal.


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