Trust us

I don’t have any pictures, because we ate it all, but here’s a recipe for a delightful Saturday night evening with friends:

1. The easiest and best pizza dough recipe you’ll ever find (doubled and set to rise before your guests arrive)

2. Toppings for three of our favorite pizzas (in order of layers as you put each together):

– olive oil, garlic salt, homemade basil pesto, sliced roma tomatoes, feta cheese

– oregano, pizza sauce, cooked hot Italian sausage (Giant Eagle’s brand is actually amazing, crumbled or diced), mozzarella

– same as above, but diced green peppers and onions instead of sausage

3. A pizza stone

4. Patience to wait 15 minutes for each pizza to cook

OPTIONAL: (but recommended) wine and Cranium

If you stop there, your party is sure to be a hit. Heck, I even added a salad to be fancy. But, if you really want to send it over the edge, use your last ball of dough for dessert pizza.

Yeah, that’s right.

Melt two (or, let’s be honest, three) tablespoons of nutella with your favorite peanut butter (we only can recommend Market District’s freshly ground honey roasted, which is pure heaven), spread it on the dough as a sauce, cover with sliced frozen strawberries, sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake as normal.

A perfect way to celebrate the end of a lovely evening.


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