Grey Poupon

So, it’s been a while. Life has been great and busy and all of those things. But let’s skip the niceties and get down to the real deal.


On Sunday, I sent AJ to the grocery store alone (he wouldn’t go to the gym with me) and he came back with everything on the list, plus one more thing.

That one more thing was BOGO sirloin tip roast. So, really two more things.

This morning I threw one of those babies in the crock pot (on low for at least eight hours), and then thought to myself “HEY. YOU DID NOT THINK THIS THROUGH.” And also, “It’s early and I have had no coffee. What do I do now?”

I did what any self-respecting almost-30 year old would do … turned to the remaining half bottle of red wine left over from the weekend and dumped it in. Threw in some garlic (probably two tablespoons), some onion powder (real onions would probably be better), a tiny heap of brown sugar (three tablespoons-ish), freshly ground pepper and enough water to cover the meat. And then I went to work.

When I came home and pulled the meat out, it fell promptly apart.




I toasted some bread, so loving donated to us by my mother (no shame), and got our plates together. The only thing needed for this sandwich was mustard.

Pardon me, but go get some Grey Poupon. It’s the only thing standing in between you and the best Monday night sandwich of your life.


AJ seemed to like it. I think pairing it with peanut butter celery boats was a nice touch, don’t you?

I served myself sans bread, plus feta. Gotta save those calories for the beer, duh. (Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, to be exact.)


Happy Monday, everyone!


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