Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls

I found this recipe posted on my new favorite website, Pinterest. Egg rolls? Absolutely. Buffalo chicken? Love it. Baked? Yes please.

I was sold.

I’ve never worked with these wrappers before, but they really couldn’t be easier. Blissfully not wafer thin and awful like phyllo. Don’t be afraid to get in there and work with them. Reasonably pliable and actually kind of fun to wrap ’em up.


I cooked a package of chicken breast tenders, and shredded about 6 of them. AJ doesn’t like bleu cheese (yet) so I substituted mozzarella. We don’t have a wire rack (I know. Insanity.) so I cooked them on a regular baking sheet. Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly.


I should have filled the egg roll wrappers more, but I was afraid they would explode. I recommend you go for it. Make ’em count! We ate these with broccoli slaw from Giant Eagle Market District, which is one of our favorite quick and easy dishes. Also, bacon.


I would definitely make these again, but using bleu cheese and make them rounder and more full. I have a bunch of extra wrappers that need to be used within a few days. Any idea what I should fill them with next??

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