I’m going to make this really easy for you. Here are the steps to a delicious Sunday dinner.

1. Wake up Saturday morning and make coffee.
2. Curl up with a cup, some blankets and reading material of your choice.
3. After three cups, decide you want more, and load up the French press again. (note: if you are not yet making your coffee in a press, I’m not sure what you’re doing here.)
4. After you’ve started your fourth cup and realize you really don’t need any more, start to brainstorm what you could use the extra coffee for.
5. Two words: pot roast.
6. Two more words: crock pot
7. No seriously. Throw the (defrosted) roast in a big ziploc-style bag, add your leftover coffee and (almost equal parts) Italian dressing. For real. Close it up, give it a squeeze for good measure, and throw in the fridge.
8. Go about your Saturday.
9. Wake up Sunday morning, remember the meat, and get your butt in the kitchen for 5 minutes. Cause that’s all you’ll need.
10. Take the roast out, sear both sides in a hot pan, and dump right into the crock pot. Add come carrots and onions, maybe a little salt and pepper if you’re feeling spicy, and dump the rest of the marinade on top.
11. Put the lid on, turn on the heat an walk away for eight hours.
12. Serve dinner, receive praise, and feel fancy.

(This is even better than yesterday’s braised steak. I believe I coined it my best meal ever.)


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