Vegetable Breakthrough

As you might expect, AJ and I stayed in for Valentine’s Day dinner. We had purchased some braising steaks and good beer for the occasion, but otherwise hadn’t planned much.

I took a quick walk on my lunch break and headed to Wholey’s to see what trouble I could get into. For whatever reason, the bouquets of broccoli spoke to me. You must realize that while AJ loves steamed, smushy broccoli, I prefer mine raw, so I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it. That didn’t stop me, clearly; I had $10 burning a hole in my pocket. I also picked up some ungodly expensive strawberries, because AJ loves them and fruit is healthy. Especially when you bake it into individual cakes, right? 😉

Once I got home, much later than anticipated, I got the steaks on: Season and sear them in a hot skillet on both sides, turn the heat down to low, dump in a bottle of beer (we’ve recently been using pale ales, but you take your pick), put the lid on and walk away for an hour. It’s so hard, you guys. Total kitchen stadium over here.

While that was going, I frantically googled for something to do with the damn broccoli. GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY, I found the recipe of recipes. Go. Make. This. It was better than the steak.

Speaking of the steak, that was pretty damn good, too. Tender enough to cut with a butter knife, thank you very much. Served also with my version of twice baked potatoes – leftover mashed potatoes piped into a muffin tin and thrown into the oven at the last minute. Cute, easy, and yummy. See also: lazy.

We served dinner with yet another delightful Dogfish Head Beer. Giant Eagle Market District strikes again.

My only request for Valentine’s Day was a card with a handwritten note. I’m secretly a total sap, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I don’t think AJ was either …

… especially since he knew that strawberry cake was for dessert. It was, by all accounts, just as good as the broccoli. A good crust on the edges with a melt in your mouth gooey fruity inside, and kinda sorta on the healthy side. The only addition I made to this recipe was to use pumpkin pie spice (randomly) since I didn’t have any cardamom. As you can see we used bigger ramekins so we only got three out of the batch. Still, perfectly delicious.

This definitely isn’t the last time we’ll have this meal, I can guarantee you that. We LOVED it.

(Please note that while I did serve myself way more broccoli than I did AJ, He ended up with half my steak. Win-win.)


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